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The initial journey began way back in early 2000 after Amy studied Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at art school in Adelaide. She then spent years moving around, travelling and having babies. Then after a move to the Northern New South Wales coast five years ago she was finally lead back to the jewellery bench... And now a new (open to the public) studio space has been opened in Cabarita Beach.

Having released multiple collections over the past three years, Amy has cultivated her own unique style inspired by the techniques of early makers and her love for simplistic forms and clean lines. 

Each piece is designed for easy wearability. 'I want people to be able to put my jewellery on and literally forget it's there. I want it to be with them when they're doing all the things they love. Absolutely nothing makes me happier than bumping into someone in the surf, coming out of a yoga class or even the supermarket and seeing them wearing my jewellery.'

The One Sixteenth brand focuses on sustainability by using ethical business practices and materials with minimal impact on the environment. All Sterling Silver is 100% Recycled Australian Silver with all offcuts sent back for refining and then turned back into useable metal. All pieces are made to last encouraging people to move away from "fast fashion". Amy believes in wearing your pieces as much as possible, which is why she offers a repair and re-polishing service for "worn-in" jewellery.

Each piece can take hours to create; from the early stages of design, to sourcing the right materials, to hand forging almost every element. Then comes the arduous cleaning stages and finally the polishing. Each piece of handmade jewellery is like a miniature sculpture. Every element needs to have strength, durability and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. For this reason orders can take up to 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. However there is an 'add to cart' option for the ready made pieces and then an 'made-to-order' option for the pieces that take a little more time.

Custom designs are always welcome as are any queries about sizing.   xx