Sizing Chart


Ring Sizing Guide

Please use a tape measure/ruler and care when examining your ring size. 

Tip: Measure from the inside edge to edge on an existing ring to find size. 

All our rings are handmade so the sizes may vary slightly.

**DO NOT hold up to the computer monitor to identify your ring size this will NOT be accurate**


Cuff Sizing Guide

Measure the circumference of the wrist above the wrist bone with a flexible tape measure. Compare the measurement with the figures below and choose the corresponding size.

Wrist Measurement in Cm:

Extra Small 13.5 - 14

Small: 14 - 15.2

Medium: 15.2 - 16.5

Large: 16.5 - 17.8


Bangle Sizing Guide

A simple way to work out your bangle size is to measure the length between the  knuckles of your hand. Make a fist and measure the length from the middle of the  first knuckle (pointer finger) to the middle of the fourth knuckle (pinky finger).

ie. If your measurement is 6.5cm then you are a medium fit.

This measurement corresponds to the internal diameter of the bangle.

Extra Small: 5.5cm

Small: 6cm

Medium: 6.5cm

Large: 6.8cm