The One Sixteenth brand focuses on sustainability by using ethical business practices and materials with minimal impact on the environment. All Sterling Silver is 100% Recycled Australian Silver with all offcuts refined in-studio and then turned back into useable metal. All gold is 100% recycled and refined in-studio.

All pieces are made to last a lifetime, encouraging people to move away from "fast fashion". I believe in wearing your pieces as much as possible, which is why I offer a repair and re-polishing service for "worn-in" jewellery. But if you do ever get sick of a piece you are able to bring it back and it will be melted down and turned into something new for you!
Custom work has been gaining huge traction for me over the past couple of years as I have moved towards "closed loop jewellery production". This means I focus on using jewellery already in the "loop" ie already mined metal that is already in circulation rather that purging the earth further for materials. My customers adore the low impact this has on our planet and also that they are able to continue to wear "Grandma's old ring" but in a more updated way.  It also helps that it keeps the costs down for them too!
All of One Sixteenth packaging is biodegradable and kept to an absolute minimum. Boxes, satchels and tape are all supplied by HEAPSGOOD. I also offer a 'local pickup' service to cut down on our carbon footprint and unnecessary shipping and  packaging.